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Product type: Axles & Driveshafts



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When your looking for the very best axle for your SRT8, what are you looking for? Strength? Reliability? Maybe even a proven track record? With the new version 3 of this record setting kit you get all that and more. We here at DSS live and breathe drive train, its what we do. Its not a part time job for us or something we dabble in, it is our passion. So what could we do to make this axle better? The only problem so far is that these heavy weight cars have been producing more and more power so we figured its time to step it up.
What we have done is made the internals for the axles to be able to use a 25% larger center bar, but we didn't stop there. The material is straight out of a mill in Sweden and is stronger than any "trendy" axle material on the market today. We have also re-designed the CV internals to have a REM polished race/cage and re-engineered the cage window design for added strength. There is only one problem with the axles though, you have to take at least 5 minutes and change over the ABS/Tone rings from your factory axles (if your ring is damaged, one off a 09+ car Mopar part# 5180490-AC is the same and axles are less than 200.00 a side).
Due to a recent agreement with the mill we are now buying direct and we are able to reduce cost and pass it on to you. So now we have given you many choices in axles for the car but the simple question is, do you want the very best? Well with this set of axles you get the best, along with the strength of a company that has been in business for over 35 years with customer service that is second to none. Only from The DriveShaft Shop